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Trailer Support

Eagle Rescue Program

The purpose of the Eagle Rescue Program is to provide a coordinated effort for assistance in case of an emergency while a Southern Cruiser is on the road. Each Cruiser that wants to use the Eagle Rescue Program will be able to contact the Eagle Rescue coordinator for contact information of the Chapters on the planned route. Then, should the need arise, a phone call to the appropriate Eagle Rescue volunteer will bring the needed help. In addition, a quick e-mail to the First Officers or Eagle Rescue volunteers along the route will give them a "heads-up" that a Cruiser will be passing through on a specified date.

We have established our program and assigned a coordinator. To keep our internal resources secure from calls from non-members we will provide our members with these names/numbers on an as needed basis. However, several commercial resources are posted below in the event that you can not get a hold of us or you are a non-member in need of assistance.

Other Resources

Motorcycle Towing

All Out Motorcycle Towing
(904) 424-5442

Motorcycle Service Centers

Ademac Harley Davidson
(904) 493-1931
(877) 835-1497

(904) 641-3735
(800) 355-4161

Orange Park
(904) 215-1931
(800) 353-4470
Honda of Jacksonville
(904) 721-1186