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Officer List

The people listed on this page are the ones responsible to the chapter members to ensure that we continue having a wonderful time doing what we all enjoy doing, riding safely, eating and visiting with fellow chapter members.

Kupuna Kane and Kupuna K`ai are both positions related to our adoption of a Hawaiian theme for the chapter (Hawaii The 50th state -- Chapter 50). Kupuna Kane are those members who have held the position of First Officer for our chapter in the past. Kupuna K`ai is the position held by the member that coordinates our every other Monday Kupuna (Honored Elders) rides.

First Officer
  Robert Howe
Second Officer
  Ernie Menendez
Kupuna Kane
  Bob Cone
  Bob Krauer (Former Member)
Road Captain
  Les Harclerode
  Richard Kidd
  Ernie Menendez
Tail Gunner
  Neil Crawford
  Ron Hornback
  Richard Kidd
Kupuna K`ai
Safety Officer
  Bob Cone
Mileage Coordinator
  Ernie Menendez
Social Director
  Lilly Hornback
Event Coordinator
  Tara Tessaro