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Chapter 50 Mileage Program

Chapter 50 maintains a Members Mileage Program. Participation in this program is completely voluntary, no member is required to keep track or report their miles for any of our rides.

The main purpose of the program is to reinforce safe riding practices. The more miles a member rides, the more practice they get, the better rider they will become. Additionally, riding in a group setting provides feedback from other riders on safe practices. Every chapter/pick up ride also begins with a safety briefing on safe group riding.

What do you get for participating in this program?

  • Well, the program's main benefit is...bragging rights. There are patches for specific milestones (i.e. 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, etc miles on chapter rides). The bragging rights come in when comparing miles per month, quarter, year, lifetime, etc and bragging to other members about it!!

What rides are eligible for mileage in the program?

  • All chapter sponsored rides. Our weekend rides along with our every other Monday Kupuna rides.
  • All over night chapter ride. These are usually to some SCRC function or another in Florida or neighboring states.
  • Any pick up ride that a member advertises on our Delphi Forum pages under the Pick Up Rides discussion. Pick up rides need to be announced at least a week ahead of time on the forums and must not be scheduled to conflict with a scheduled chapter ride. There needs to also be a minimum of two riders on the pick up ride for the miles to count.

How are miles accounted for?

  • For each ride, the Road Captain for the ride reports the one-way miles from KSU to final destination and a list of all members and guests on the ride to the Mileage Coordinator.
  • All members and guests on the ride automatically get credit for the Road Captain reported one-way miles, whether they're actively participating in the program or not. This is to keep track of members that rode with us rather than the mileage program.
  • Members actively tracking their ride miles have the option to report their door to door miles. Those are the miles from when they leave their home to KSU, the miles for the ride, and the miles for the ride back to their home. These miles are kept track of and reported by the member riding. Many of us will set one of our trip meters when we leave home and check it when we get home. You can also record your odometer miles when you leave and when you return and do the math if you don't have a second trip meter to work with. These miles and their reporting are all based on the honor system, we trust our members to report their miles accurately. Then again, there is the fact that all the rest of those members vying for bragging rights will see the miles claimed by other members. Observation always helps keep the masses honest!!

How do you report your miles?

  • If you want the one-way miles for the ride, then the Road Captain submission of the one-way miles and the ride member list will suffice.
  • If you are a member and want to claim the door to door miles, you simply need to report the ride name, the date of the ride, and the miles claimed to our Mileage Coordinator.