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Welcome To The Southern Cruisers Website - West Jax Chapter!

Who are the Southern Cruisers?

The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is a family-oriented group of motorcycle enthusiasts who "Ride to Eat and Eat to Ride." We simply want to ride for the fun and pleasure of riding. There are zero agendas, no territorial claims, and we are not political in nature. Our only objective is to have safe and enjoyable rides with individuals who enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders. Additionally, we do not discriminate against anyone or any bike. So whether you ride a Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph or even a Harley, you and your bike are always welcome.

Membership is absolutely FREE! That's right -- no application fee, no dues, and no out of pocket costs. Aside from no dues, we have NO MANDATORY MEETINGS, AND VERY LIMITED REQUIRED PARTICIPATION. All we ask is that we see you on occasion. Most of our correspondence is via email, but we may have to call if we can't get a hold of you otherwise.

West Jacksonville Cruisers - Chapter History

Our chapter was formed in spring of 2009. We originally were part of Chapter 115 of Northeast Florida but the membership grew to a very large level. Since safety is our number 1 objective and we had enough riders, we decided to form another chapter on the western side of the river.

Where We Ride

Most of our activities are local (within 150 miles of Clay County) but we have an occasional overnight trip to participate in Cruiser Rallies, multi-chapter events, or other interesting events. We would like new ideas for rides and eating establishments as that's what we do -- Ride to Eat/Eat to Ride and have fun doing it. Members are encouraged to submit ride requests at any time.

Communities Served

The listing below is to provide an example of the areas where our members reside. We do not limit ourselves to only these communities. Riders from any location are welcome to join.

  • Jacksonville - Westside
  • Maxville/Baldwin
  • Green Cove Springs
  • Keystone Heights
  • Middleburg
  • Orange Park
  • Penny Farms

Bike Nights

Our chapter does not support any particular Bike Night as "our own". However, there are two Bike Nights in Clay county -- Wednesday nights in Orange Park at Buffalo's Grille and Thursday nights at Ronnies Wings in Green Cove Springs. Perhaps we'll see you there?